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This week me & ChatGPT tested 8 bizarrely untapped niches no one's talking about wait till you see the winner...
the challenge
In 30 days launch a trio - website, newsletter, and digital products in a new niche from scratch, with 100% AI help, hitting profitability by Day 31.

week 0 out of 5:

The Art of Picking a Niche Without Losing My Mind

READING TIME: Until you’re totally excited, enlightened, and ready to act or snoozing under an avalanche of wisdom.

Elevate Your Niche Game with AI

Embarking on this adventure felt like standing at the edge of a digital cliff with my almost sentient AI helper. 

Together, we’re diving headfirst into the chaotic yet exhilarating world of internet marketing.

The challenge for the next 30 days?

To launch a website, newsletter, and digital products in a newly discovered niche from scratch, leveraging 100% AI assistance, and hit profitability by Day 31.

Sounds simple, right?

But, just like trying to explain the plot of a Christopher Nolan movie, the real magic of any worthwhile venture is untangling the intricacies hidden in the details.

Week Zero Tasks: Launching Into Untapped Niches

1. Niche Identification and Analysis

Goal: Discover untapped markets with high potential.

Method: Use a custom ChatGPT prompt for innovative market analysis.

Challenge: Think outside the box to find unique niches.

2. Ad Creation

Goal: Craft captivating ads using the AIDA & other frameworks.

Method: Generate engaging ad content with custom ChatGPT prompts.

Challenge: Combine creativity and clarity to stand out.

3. Ad Testing

Goal: Assess ad effectiveness and cost per subscriber.

Method: Monitor ad performance with dynamic ads.

Challenge: Optimize based on data to improve ROI.

4. Picking Niches to Proceed With

Goal: Select niches based on performance, keyword potential, and personal interest.

Method: Analyze data and align with goals for further development.

Challenge: Balance passion and pragmatism in your choice.

The Groundwork: Research with custom prompts

a) Defining & Analyzing Untapped Niches:
My Insight: I found myself pondering why we often flock to saturated markets. AI pal on the brink of AGI (ChatGPT😂) suggested looking for spaces where the competition is scarce, and the potential is vast. This led to a lightbulb moment: why not seek out niches so new they’re barely a blip on the radar? Together, we developed a ChatGPT prompt that would help us pinpoint these hidden gems.

Prompt N1: Identifying AI Newsletter Niches

b) Crafting Magnetic Ads for identified niches:
My Insight: Drawing from the tried-and-true AIDA framework, I realized that some classics never lose their charm. But with ChatGPT, I aimed to infuse these old-school techniques with a fresh, AI-driven twist. The goal was to create ads so captivating, they’d make a stoic statue subscribe.

Prompt N2: Niche analysis and targeting

c) Building ads for lead gen campaign:
My Insight: They say a picture is worth a thousand clicks, and who am I to argue? Working with ChatGPT, we set out to create ad images that do more than catch the eye—they hold the gaze, inviting the viewer into our newly discovered niche.

Prompt N3: Crafting ads for lead gen campaigns

Putting theory into practice, or go ahead and swipe my ads that are still finding their feet.

Niche 1:

AI pitch deck generator & prompts for startups

Cost per subscriber: $1.46

My Thinking: The startup world is brutal, and standing out is key. With ChatGPT input, the idea of streamlining the pitch process with AI seemed not just innovative but necessary.

ChatGPT’s {brutal} Joke: Finally, a way to ensure your pitch deck is seen by someone—or something—before it hits the investor’s trash.

Difficulty to Break In (10 being hardest): 6/10 – Startups are always looking for an edge, but convincing them to trust AI for their pitches could be a hurdle.

Untapped Opportunities: Customizable templates, real-time AI feedback on pitches, integration with market data for compelling arguments.

Black Swan Probability: The emergence of AI investors, completely transforming the startup funding landscape.

Tested images:

Niche 1 top ad: copy & image
AI Pitch Deck Generator for Startups

Feeling overlooked by investors? The barrier isn’t your idea—it’s how you’re pitching it.


The frustration of being passed over, despite having a breakthrough concept, is all too common. This struggle can mean the difference between a startup’s success and its untimely demise.


Our FREE newsletter is your key to breaking this cycle. Featuring exclusive access to our AI Pitch Deck Generator, we equip startups with the tools to craft pitches that resonate, engage, and secure investment.

Niche 2:

Bubble But* {Glutes} Exercise

Cost per subscriber: >$3

Bubble But* {Glutes} Exercise

My Thinking: In an era where fitness trends come and go, focusing on a perennial favorite seemed like a solid bet. ChatGPT suggested leveraging the perennial human obsession with physical aesthetics, but with a fun twist.

ChatGPT Joke: Aimed at those who think “peach emoji” is a fitness goal.

Difficulty to Break In (10 being hardest): 2/10 – High interest, low entry barriers.

Untapped Opportunities: Targeted workout programs, branded fitness apparel.

Black Swan Probability: A global shift towards sedentary lifestyles that makes but* exercises not just desirable, but essential for health.

Tested images:

Niche 2 top ad: copy & image
Bubble But* {Glutes} Exercise

Frustrated by workouts that don’t target what you care about most?


Tailor your fitness journey to sculpt the perfect bubble glutes.


With the overwhelming amount of fitness information online, finding what truly works for you can be a challenge. Our new FREE newsletter, features Customized Bubble Glutes Workout Guides.


These aren’t your typical exercises. Our guides are curated by experts to target your glutes with precision, ensuring every squat and kickback brings you closer to your goal.


Subscribe now to ensure you don’t miss out on workouts that redefine your fitness routine. Your customized guide to stunning bubble glutes is just a click away.

Niche 3:

Wine investing with AI

Cost per subscriber: $3.21

Wine investing with AI

My Thinking: Wine and tech? (Apart from being 2 of my favourite things, cheers!) A blend as rich and complex as a vintage Bordeaux. ChatGPT and I were intrigued by the idea of democratizing wine investing through AI.

ChatGPT Joke: Where your investment portfolio gets better with age.

Difficulty to Break In (10 being hardest): 7/10 – A niche that requires both sophistication and innovation.

Untapped Opportunities: AI-driven investment apps, virtual wine tasting experiences.

Black Swan Probability: The discovery of a wine aging process that takes minutes, not years, revolutionizing the industry.

Tested images:

Niche 3 top ad: copy & image
Wine investing with AI

Discover “The Top 5 Undervalued Wines for 2024” in our next edition.


Our newsletter brings clarity to the complexity of wine investing. Featuring AI Analysis Tools, it guides investors through the vineyard of the market, identifying undervalued vintages and predicting trends before they happen.


Subscribe now for free to not miss out on insights that could redefine your wine portfolio.

Niche 4:

Homebrew with AI

Cost per subscriber: $1.18

Homebrew with AI

My Thinking: As a connoisseur of both technology and a good brew, the idea of merging AI with homebrewing struck me as a stroke of genius. ChatGPT, ever the logical one, pointed out the growing trend in personalized consumption.

ChatGPT Joke: For those who believe their beer should be as smart as their phone.

Difficulty to Break In (10 being the hardest): 5/10 – A niche at the intersection of tech and tradition offers both challenges and rewards.

Untapped Opportunities: AI-formulated recipes, smart fermentation tracking.

Black Swan Probability: The rise of AI sommeliers, making personal taste profiles the norm in beverage selection.

Tested images:

Niche 4 top ad: copy & image
Homebrew with AI

Brew Your Best with AI – Elevate Your Homebrewing Game with Personalized Recipes and AI Insights.


Join our newsletter for a deep dive into the art and science of homebrewing, where cutting-edge AI meets traditional craft to unlock your brewing potential.


Subscribe Now and Start Brewing the Unimaginable!

Niche 5:

Viral templates for social media

Cost per subscriber: $2.07

Viral Templates for Social Media

My Thinking: In the quest for virality, templates seemed like a cheat code. ChatGPT and I considered how pattern recognition and adaptability could turn generic templates into viral goldmines.

ChatGPT Joke: Because why reinvent the wheel when you can just slap some shiny new rims on it and call it a day?

Difficulty to Break In (10 being the hardest): 4/10 – The demand is there, but cutting through the noise to become the go-to source for viral content is the challenge.

Untapped Opportunities: Customizable meme generators, trend analysis tools, and integration with social media platforms for real-time virality tracking.

Black Swan Probability: A shift in social media algorithms that prioritizes original content, making template-based strategies less effective.

Tested images:

Niche 5 top ad: copy & image
Viral Templates for Social Media

Still watching your posts vanish into the void?


Tap into our exclusive, AI-driven Viral Templates. Direct to your inbox, crafted for impact.


Unique AI algorithms analyze thousands of viral hits to create templates that guarantee engagement. Save days of guessing and testing.


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Cheapest 😁

Niche 6:

DIY Garden at Home in Small Spaces

Cost per subscriber: $0.82

DIY Garden at Home in Small Spaces

My Thinking: In a world where space is a premium, why not create an oasis in a teacup? ChatGPT and I saw the potential for growth—literally and figuratively—in compact gardening. It was an idea that seemed almost too simple, yet brimming with potential.

Why It’s a Goldmine: Because apartment dwellers everywhere are tired of killing cacti.

ChatGPT’s Joke: Perfect for those who’ve convinced themselves that “plant parent” looks good on a dating profile.

Difficulty to Break In (10 is hardest): 3/10 – Space is limited, but so is the competition.

Untapped Opportunities: Miniature garden kits, virtual workshops on maximizing small spaces.

Black Swan Probability: A sudden societal shift to living in micro-homes, making small-space gardening not just a hobby, but a necessity.

Tested images:

Niche 6 top ad: copy & image
DIY Garden in small spaces

Cultivate your own urban oasis, regardless of space limitations.


As urban living becomes more cramped, finding efficient ways to integrate nature into your home is more important than ever. Our next newsletter issue is packed with timely advice for DIY Urban Gardening in small spaces.


We offer unique insights into vertical gardening, container solutions, and space-saving plant varieties that are perfect for the urban gardener.


Subscribe now and don’t miss out on turning even the smallest space into a lush, productive garden.

As I wrap up overview of the niches, here is a reminder:

Wine Investing with AI could uncork a vintage market ripe for disruption. In vino veritas, and in AI, a new truth for oenophiles everywhere.

AI Pitch Deck Generator might be the wingman every startup dreamer needs, proving once and for all that artificial intelligence can indeed understand the heart of entrepreneurship.

The Garden of Small Spaces might just revolutionize urban living, turning concrete jungles into lush, tiny paradises. Remember, the future is vertical—especially when it comes to gardening.

Homebrew with AI offers a tantalizing taste of the future, where technology brews a better beer. This niche might just ferment a revolution in basements around the world.

Bubble Butt Exercise stands as a cheeky reminder that fitness trends can come from anywhere—and behind every great trend is an even greater… well, behind.

(Selected for challenge) Secret Niches N1 & N2 hold the promise of uncharted territories, treasures hidden in plain sight. They’re a call to the curious, the brave, and the slightly eccentric = me. Join the challenge to see where pursuing them takes me.

(Selected for challenge) Viral Templates for Social Media remind us that in a world of noise, catching the right wave can propel anyone to stardom—or at least a few weeks of internet fame. I will be developing it and sharing in the challenge too.

Let’s not forget that every niche, no matter how niche-y, holds the potential to be the next big thing. It’s not about finding a space that’s simply untapped; it’s about uncovering the untapped potential within ourselves to fill that space with something extraordinary.

Decisions, Decisions

Unexpected and Expected personal  Findings


  • The Power of Passion: It became evident that the niches which excited me most were not only more enjoyable to explore but also yielded richer, more engaging content. This emotional investment could be the secret sauce to content virality and audience engagement, reaffirming the idea that when you love what you do, it shows.
  • Flexibility of Passion vs. Cost Optimization: While cost per subscriber acquisition is a key metric, I found that passion for a subject is not as malleable. This led to an important realization: selecting a niche should be a heart-led decision, supported by data, not dictated by it.
  • Trend Surfing with Google: An eye-opening discovery was the impact of Year-Over-Year (YOY) changes in search trends. Niches with a +900% YOY search volume spike offered a golden ticket for riding the wave of free traffic, courtesy of Google’s algorithms favoring trending topics.


  • The Irreplaceable Human Touch: As it turns out, AI might be a content creation powerhouse, but it’s about as good at understanding human emotion as a toaster. The real magic happens when human creativity meets AI efficiency.
  • Deciphering the AI Enigma: Learning to speak ‘AI’ was a bit like cracking an ancient code—challenging but incredibly rewarding. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your ideas and AI’s capabilities meet.
  • The Art of the Pivot: Adapting strategies on the fly isn’t just expected; it’s essential. The digital landscape shifts quicker than a cat video goes viral, and staying agile is the name of the game.

Heart-Led Strategy: The Way Forward

So, what’s the big takeaway from Week Zero?

It’s that diving headfirst into niches we’re passionate about isn’t just a feel-good strategy—it’s smart business.

When your heart’s in it, the content doesn’t just flow easier; it resonates more deeply with your audience, making every word, every post, and every video feel like a conversation with a good friend.

What's Next

Standing at the starting line of the challenge, it’s kind of like I’m about to cannonball off the high dive into the deep end of the internet pool. While being not exactly sure if there’s water in the pool, but who’s got time for fear when you’re buzzing with excitement? This buzz, by the way, isn’t from taste-testing my latest batch of questionable homebrew (for niche research purposes only). Nope, this is the real deal—a eureka moment. Turns out, plunging headfirst into a niche that tickles your fancy is like finding the cheat code to the content creation game.

So, here’s the deal: If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you mix a dash of daring, a pinch of passion, and a whole lot of digital exploration, now’s your chance to find out.

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week 1

Lay the Groundwork

Milestones + -

  1. Niche: Utilize advanced analytics and AI insights to unearth a niche that's not just profitable but pulsating with potential.
  2. Domain: Snag a domain name that screams "click me" in the language of your target audience.
  3. WordPress Wizardry: Deploy the exact WordPress setup I’ve honed—specialized funnels, high-conversion checkouts, and all.
  4. Theme: Choose the right theme that is blazing fast, looks good and converts visitors into followers, and followers into customers.
  5. Plugins: Install and configure the essential plugins that turbocharge your site’s functionality and user experience.
  6. Content Plan: Map out a content strategy that’s both SEO-friendly and irresistibly engaging (read click-bait that is very handy for newsletter).
  7. Initial SEO Spells: Lay down the basic SEO groundwork to ensure your site is as visible as it is valuable in 6-12 months time.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 1 cover:

  • Generating a list of untapped niches based on current trends and consumer psychology.
  • Suggesting a memorable domain name that reflects [niche keyword] with a creative twist.
  • Outlining a WordPress funnel strategy for a digital product in [niche].
  • Creating ad copy and ad image for testing cost per subscriber.
  • Create a content calendar template for a new website in [niche].
week 2

Connect and Conquer

Milestones + -

  1. Newsletter: Finalize the AIDA-inspired newsletter setup using custom prompts for content generation.
  2. Subscriber growth: Kickstart Facebook and Pinterest campaigns (both organic and paid) tailored to amass an eager audience.
  3. Content Creation: Produce the first batch of newsletter content, testing different hooks and calls-to-action.
  4. Landing Pages: Craft compelling landing pages for newsletter signups, optimized for high conversion rates.
  5. Audience Avatar: Define detailed buyer personas to refine ad targeting and content personalization.
  6. Adventures in Ad Testing: Begin A/B testing for ads and landing pages, collecting data to hone your strategy.
  7. Pinterest Prowess: Deploy a dual strategy for Pinterest, balancing organic appeal with paid precision.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 2 cover:

  • Designing a newsletter welcome message that aims at 50%+ open rates and CTR.
  • Generating engaging headlines for Facebook ads targeting [specific audience trait].
  • Crafting Pinterest pin descriptions that drive clicks and conversions for [niche].
  • Creating a buyer persona for a digital product targeting [niche].
  • Suggesting A/B test ideas for a landing page aimed at newsletter signups.

When Products Take Shape

Milestones + -

  1. Bestseller Blueprint: Analyze market data with best in town not so known software (personal opinion) to pinpoint a winning digital product idea.
  2. Creative Coalescence: Start product development, blending AI-generated insights with personal expertise.
  3. Add-on Arsenal: Outline additional digital products (upsell, downsell, order bump) to enhance the value ladder.
  4. Product Page: Design seductive product pages that make clicking 'buy' irresistible. Complete visual funnel design and implementation.
  5. Feedback Loop Formation: Establish a system for collecting early feedback on product concepts from your budding audience.
  6. Marketplace Mind-Reading: Conduct competitor analysis to ensure your offerings are a cut above the rest.
  7. Pricing Paradigm: Set strategic pricing that maximizes value perception and revenue potential.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 3 cover:

  • Analyzing top-selling digital products in [niche] for gaps and opportunities.
  • Generating digital product from A-Z.
  • Outlining an email sequence for launch and evergreen promotion.
  • Suggesting pricing strategies for a tiered product lineup in [niche].
  • Creating a compelling backstory for the brand that aligns with [niche] values.
week 4

When Automation Takes the Wheel

Milestones + -

  1. Newsletter Autopilot Activation: Implement a dynamic publishing system for the newsletter, ensuring fresh content with minimal input.
  2. Digital Showcase Launch: Officially release your digital products, integrating them seamlessly into your sales funnel and website.
  3. Conversion Catalysts: Refine and deploy automated upselling and cross-selling strategies across the product pages and checkout process.
  4. SEO Symphony: Enhance your content with SEO-rich content automated publishing plan and keywords to ensure long-term visibility and organic growth.
  5. Rinse and Repeat Readiness: Document the successful strategies, setups, and systems for easy replication and scaling.
  6. Promotion Power Play: Execute a comprehensive launch plan utilizing your newsletter, and paid advertising for maximum impact.
  7. Performance Pulse Check: Set up evergreen ads and monitor performance.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 4 cover:

  • Design a dynamic content strategy for a newsletter in [niche] that updates automatically."
  • Generate email schedule that supports evergreen product sales.
  • Generate SEO & click-bait niche topical content plan to be automatically published throughout the next 30 days.
Curiosities Corner

FAQs: The Wonderings of Wise Wanderers

As real as your favorite conspiracy theory—minus the foil hat. With the right mix of AI magic, a dash of grit, and my secret sauce, you’re in for a ride.

Unicorns not included.

Imagine trying to win a Formula 1 race in your grandma’s old hatchback. Sure, it moves, but will it cross the finish line first? Not a chance. For this challenge, ChatGPT-3.5 is the trusty old hatchback—reliable, but not quite up to speed. We're building a digital Ferrari here, so ChatGPT-4’s horsepower is non-negotiable. It's about bringing the big brain and the sleek aesthetics to the party.

I'll share one niche I'm working on, showing what I do and the outcomes. For the other two niches, I'll keep the details secret but will share how well they're doing for us to compare results. This way, you'll get a clear view of one project while the other two remain our little secret.

I'm setting aside up to $1k as my experimental fund. Your journey? It's yours to tailor. Start from zero, spruce up an existing site, or maybe just dive into the digital product and social media whirlpool—without the anchor of a website. Crafting your own expense narrative means your adventure could be leaner or lusher, depending on the paths you pick. I'll share my map, but feel free to chart your own course.

The beauty of this challenge is its on-demand nature. Need a break? No worries. Start when you're ready, pause if you need; your pace, your race. Think of it as Netflix for your entrepreneurial spirit—always there when you're ready to binge.

Waiting for the perfect moment is like waiting for a polite cat—it doesn't exist. The best time to start? Now-ish. Or tomorrow-ish. You know those 'This course is closing in 3... 2... 1... Oh, just kidding, refresh and we're back!' moments? Yeah, you won't find that here. This challenge doesn’t expire; it’s more like wine, getting better with time. Well, except for the part where you need to actually start for it to work. No cosmic timing required, just your decision to jump in. And remember, the motivation train doesn’t wait forever, so hop on now, and let’s start this adventure together.

P.S. Yes this whole page and other pages on this website were written with 98% ChatGPT 4. If you appreciated at least one of the jokes you might as well join the challenge to learn some cool How-To’s.