building side gig with ai

If you don't see updates on this page, it's because I'm busy-busy creating content and digital products at scale using AI.

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Innovate, Elevate, AI Create

key component blocks

Autopilot AI:
Crafting Self-Running Web supernova⭐

WordPress Website Custom Setup

Forget about chasing viral ghosts with a bag of Facebook likes. Here, we’re laying down the foundation for a brand that’s more lasting than a tattoo. We're doing a magic show on WordPress – think ClickFunnels but with the soul of an indie band.

Newsletter That Knows You

This isn't your grandma's "chain letter." Armed with Facebook ads, Pinterest's secret sauce, and ChatGPT's knack for finding the crowd that laughs at jokes they shouldn’t, we’re setting up a newsletter that’s like getting a letter from a friend who always knows what you want to hear.

Digital Product Creation with AI

No need to reinvent the wheel—just make it roll smoother. We're using top-notch analytics to sniff out bestsellers, then letting AI inject some steroids. The result? A digital product lineup that starts paying rent in week 5, not when you're too old to enjoy the profits.

Unique Prompts, Unmatched Magic

Think of our prompts as the Swiss Army knife in a marketer's toolkit, not just opening cans but also unlocking secrets. With 85% ChatGPT genius and that extra 17% sprinkle of AI innovation (because who loves limits?), we're not just spotting niches; we're illuminating them with quality prompts that only 1% of pro marketers are using.

Rinse and Repeat System

After we hit the sweet spot, we’re not just sitting back to admire our work. We’re taking that blueprint, tweaking it, and then doing it all over again. Because in this game, the only way to keep winning is to keep playing, smarter and more effortlessly each time. It's about creating a loop that feels like your favorite playlist on repeat—always surprising, forever rewarding.


Imagine a garden that waters itself and blooms all year round—that's our system. Set it up once, and it keeps your audience engaged, using dynamic publishing to whisper sweet nothings into Google’s ear for SEO love.
This is the mission: a 4-hour work month that still lets you brag about a 1k+/month revenue from month 2.

How it Would Work, theoretically

simple steps

week 1

Niche research, lead ads & cost per subscriber

week 2

Website built & setup, topic map, newsletter launch


Digital product creation and wild testing, order bumps, upsells and downsells

week 4

Conversion optimization & automation

Why now?

Build with AI something that lasts

Ready to craft an online business that’s as resilient as it is revolutionary? Join me on a journey where we ditch the flash-in-the-pan tactics for a strategy that’s built to last. This isn’t just another challenge; it’s a blueprint for anyone tired of playing the algorithm’s game.

Bringing Human Touch to Innovation: Saving Days of Work and Amplifying Our Best with AI

This journey is about more than unleashing innovation; it’s about saving precious days of toil and elevating our capabilities to superhuman levels. Together, with AI as our co-pilot, we’re on a mission to transform how we approach our goals, turning daunting tasks into seamless achievements and rediscovering the joy in our work.