the challenge

30 days to $1k

My Not-So-Secret plan to launch a trio - website, newsletter, and digital products in a new niche from scratch, with 100% AI help, hitting profitability by Day 31.

The why

Sick of courses that age like milk, not wine?

Me too.

I’ve had it up to here with “next big things” that vanish faster than my motivation on laundry day. It feels like they’re selling maps to treasure chests everyone’s already emptied. You’d have better luck setting up shop in Alaska, relying on good old cold logic.

I’m ditching all that for a blueprint that’s as bulletproof as grandma’s lasagna recipe—timeless, dependable, and algorithm-proof.

The twist? It’s not just me; it’s me plus AI.

The difference? I’m not “teaching”; I’m doing and reporting, trading fantasy figures that ChatGPT 3.5 does really well for the nitty-gritty of real results and business frameworks.

This adventure will either turn into a good case study or have me joining a mariachi band under an assumed name to avoid recognition.

Let’s forge an online empire that lasts, leaving fleeting trends in the dust.

Here are 3 ways you can join:

The plan

I’ve got $1k and a wild idea that just might be brilliant (or a spectacular flop).

I’m diving headfirst into creating a website, crafting a newsletter people want to read, and launching 2-4 digital product – all in just 30 days – transforming AI tools and a dash of creativity into a self-sustaining digital ecosystem.

The how

simple steps, delightful challenges

week 1

Lay the Groundwork

Milestones + -

  1. Niche: Utilize advanced analytics and AI insights to unearth a niche that's not just profitable but pulsating with potential.
  2. Domain: Snag a domain name that screams "click me" in the language of your target audience.
  3. WordPress Wizardry: Deploy the exact WordPress setup I’ve honed—specialized funnels, high-conversion checkouts, and all.
  4. Theme: Choose the right theme that is blazing fast, looks good and converts visitors into followers, and followers into customers.
  5. Plugins: Install and configure the essential plugins that turbocharge your site’s functionality and user experience.
  6. Content Plan: Map out a content strategy that’s both SEO-friendly and irresistibly engaging (read click-bait that is very handy for newsletter).
  7. Initial SEO Spells: Lay down the basic SEO groundwork to ensure your site is as visible as it is valuable in 6-12 months time.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 1 cover:

  • Generating a list of untapped niches based on current trends and consumer psychology.
  • Suggesting a memorable domain name that reflects [niche keyword] with a creative twist.
  • Outlining a WordPress funnel strategy for a digital product in [niche].
  • Creating ad copy and ad image for testing cost per subscriber.
  • Create a content calendar template for a new website in [niche].
week 2

Connect and Conquer

Milestones + -

  1. Newsletter: Finalize the AIDA-inspired newsletter setup using custom prompts for content generation.
  2. Subscriber growth: Kickstart Facebook and Pinterest campaigns (both organic and paid) tailored to amass an eager audience.
  3. Content Creation: Produce the first batch of newsletter content, testing different hooks and calls-to-action.
  4. Landing Pages: Craft compelling landing pages for newsletter signups, optimized for high conversion rates.
  5. Audience Avatar: Define detailed buyer personas to refine ad targeting and content personalization.
  6. Adventures in Ad Testing: Begin A/B testing for ads and landing pages, collecting data to hone your strategy.
  7. Pinterest Prowess: Deploy a dual strategy for Pinterest, balancing organic appeal with paid precision.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 2 cover:

  • Designing a newsletter welcome message that aims at 50%+ open rates and CTR.
  • Generating engaging headlines for Facebook ads targeting [specific audience trait].
  • Crafting Pinterest pin descriptions that drive clicks and conversions for [niche].
  • Creating a buyer persona for a digital product targeting [niche].
  • Suggesting A/B test ideas for a landing page aimed at newsletter signups.

When Products Take Shape

Milestones + -

  1. Bestseller Blueprint: Analyze market data with best in town not so known software (personal opinion) to pinpoint a winning digital product idea.
  2. Creative Coalescence: Start product development, blending AI-generated insights with personal expertise.
  3. Add-on Arsenal: Outline additional digital products (upsell, downsell, order bump) to enhance the value ladder.
  4. Product Page: Design seductive product pages that make clicking 'buy' irresistible. Complete visual funnel design and implementation.
  5. Feedback Loop Formation: Establish a system for collecting early feedback on product concepts from your budding audience.
  6. Marketplace Mind-Reading: Conduct competitor analysis to ensure your offerings are a cut above the rest.
  7. Pricing Paradigm: Set strategic pricing that maximizes value perception and revenue potential.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 3 cover:

  • Analyzing top-selling digital products in [niche] for gaps and opportunities.
  • Generating digital product from A-Z.
  • Outlining an email sequence for launch and evergreen promotion.
  • Suggesting pricing strategies for a tiered product lineup in [niche].
  • Creating a compelling backstory for the brand that aligns with [niche] values.
week 4

When Automation Takes the Wheel

Milestones + -

  1. Newsletter Autopilot Activation: Implement a dynamic publishing system for the newsletter, ensuring fresh content with minimal input.
  2. Digital Showcase Launch: Officially release your digital products, integrating them seamlessly into your sales funnel and website.
  3. Conversion Catalysts: Refine and deploy automated upselling and cross-selling strategies across the product pages and checkout process.
  4. SEO Symphony: Enhance your content with SEO-rich content automated publishing plan and keywords to ensure long-term visibility and organic growth.
  5. Rinse and Repeat Readiness: Document the successful strategies, setups, and systems for easy replication and scaling.
  6. Promotion Power Play: Execute a comprehensive launch plan utilizing your newsletter, and paid advertising for maximum impact.
  7. Performance Pulse Check: Set up evergreen ads and monitor performance.

Custom prompts + -

Custom ChatGPT Prompts for Week 4 cover:

  • Design a dynamic content strategy for a newsletter in [niche] that updates automatically."
  • Generate email schedule that supports evergreen product sales.
  • Generate SEO & click-bait niche topical content plan to be automatically published throughout the next 30 days.

Real talk:

This journey’s got twists, expect detours and delightful chaos.

Ready for a wild ride? Let’s make this theory wildly fun and real, together.

The who

Who is this for:

Who is this NOT for:

Serious Players Pavilion

Are you in?

25th March - 25th April

launch a trio - website, newsletter, and digital products in a new niche from scratch, with 100% AI help, hitting profitability by Day 31.

No need to mirror my moves step-for-step.

Whether it’s building a website, curating a newsletter, or launching digital products, think of my journey as a buffet. Sample what you like, skip what you don’t. The goal here isn’t to create a clone army but to inspire you to craft something uniquely yours.

Mix, match, or completely reinvent; this challenge is about finding what fits your vision, budget & dream.

The Curious Explorer

Free newsletter updates delivering a bird's-eye view of the adventure.

Action Taker's Blueprint

Offers significant added value with exact prompts, tools and setups for crafting AI-driven online business.


Comes with a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy if you don’t find the tools or information useful or practical.

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Alchemist's Alliance

Aimed at highly motivated individuals seeking personalized guidance & committed to maximizing their results.


Note: This tier is reserved for serious action takers only, as time is our most precious asset—hence, no money-back guarantee on the consulting component.

Curiosities Corner

FAQs: The Wonderings of Wise Wanderers

As real as your favorite conspiracy theory—minus the foil hat. With the right mix of AI magic, a dash of grit, and my secret sauce, you’re in for a ride.

Unicorns not included.

Imagine trying to win a Formula 1 race in your grandma’s old hatchback. Sure, it moves, but will it cross the finish line first? Not a chance. For this challenge, ChatGPT-3.5 is the trusty old hatchback—reliable, but not quite up to speed. We're building a digital Ferrari here, so ChatGPT-4’s horsepower is non-negotiable. It's about bringing the big brain and the sleek aesthetics to the party.

Not during the challenge. If I spill the beans on our niche, we'd risk turning this challenge into a one-niche wonder, with everyone stepping on each other's digital toes. To keep the playground fair and the results genuine, I'm keeping that card close to my chest. Think of it as a mystery box—everyone gets to open their own and see what magic lies inside, without peeking into anyone else's. It's not just about avoiding a traffic jam on the internet highway; it's about crafting your own path to victory, inspired but not identical. Plus, who doesn't love a good surprise?

I'm setting aside up to $1k as my experimental fund. Your journey? It's yours to tailor. Start from zero, spruce up an existing site, or maybe just dive into the digital product and social media whirlpool—without the anchor of a website. Crafting your own expense narrative means your adventure could be leaner or lusher, depending on the paths you pick. I'll share my map, but feel free to chart your own course.

The beauty of this challenge is its on-demand nature. Need a break? No worries. Start when you're ready, pause if you need; your pace, your race. Think of it as Netflix for your entrepreneurial spirit—always there when you're ready to binge.

Waiting for the perfect moment is like waiting for a polite cat—it doesn't exist. The best time to start? Now-ish. Or tomorrow-ish. You know those 'This course is closing in 3... 2... 1... Oh, just kidding, refresh and we're back!' moments? Yeah, you won't find that here. This challenge doesn’t expire; it’s more like wine, getting better with time. Well, except for the part where you need to actually start for it to work. No cosmic timing required, just your decision to jump in. And remember, the motivation train doesn’t wait forever, so hop on now, and let’s start this adventure together.

What to expect
The Essence of Innovation, Minus the Eye Rolls

Forget the clichés about “revolutionary” tools and “game-changing” platforms. Here, it’s all about rolling up your sleeves and letting AI do the heavy lifting. Think of it as your silent partner in crime (minus the crime part, of course) – sophisticated, yet approachable; innovative, yet remarkably human.

Why This Challenge?

Why settle for the beaten path when you can blaze a trail with AI at your side? This isn’t about chasing trends; it’s about creating them. Building a revenue-generating machine in a month might sound like a stretch, but with the right AI tools and a dash of creativity, “impossible” is just a word for other people to worry about.

Real Growth, Real Humor, No Fluff

Expect to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of AI-assisted entrepreneurship. From uncovering lucrative niches to automating your way to success, the journey will be real, raw, and remarkably fun.

Ready to Join the Revolution?

This is your invitation to step into the future of online entrepreneurship. No overblown promises, just a straightforward challenge to grow your niche to $1k in revenue with AI’s might.

P.S. Yes this whole page and other pages on this website were written with 98% ChatGPT 4. If you appreciated at least one of jokes you might as well join the challenge to learn some cool How-To’s.