The Person Behind the Pixels

I’m the digital entrepreneur who’s somehow convinced AI to do the work for me, all while dreaming of pugs I’ve never owned. With over a decade in digital marketing, I’ve learned to ride the waves of the internet, and diving into AI for the past 2 years has been like trading in my surfboard for a hoverboard—bumpy but exhilarating!

Evolution of a Team: It used to be me and a small army of VAs tackling the digital world. Fast forward to now: it’s me, a singular, indispensable VA, and an AI that’s worth its weight in gold. The efficiency is unreal; what took ten of us now barely makes me and my digital sidekick break a sweat.

My Geek Flags: I geek out over AI’s endless possibilities—it’s like the wild west but with more data and less dust. And when I’m not in the digital trenches, I’m poring over quantum physics theories and the latest in life extension.

Why Hang Around?  Stick with me for a rollercoaster ride of insights, real-world AI applications, and just enough humor to make you question whether laughter truly is the best medicine—or if there’s an AI algorithm for that too. You can subscribe to my newsletter here.

About the challenge: While some people are busy wondering how sex workers stay hydrated or how nudists clean their glasses, I’m here scratching my head over something equally perplexing. I’m trying to figure out how to build a thriving online empire using mostly ChatGPT and a dash of my own crazy ideas. Join me on this wild ride as we navigate the digital frontier, armed with nothing but wit, human + AI wisdom, and a healthy dose of humor.

Feel like talking AI, swapping surreal memes, or wondering how to blend AI with your business?

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